A jurnal specialising in technology and innovation transfer to practice

Print TTb(ISSN 1339-2654) published bi-annually

Online TTb 

Publisher: the Slovak centre of Scientific and Technical Information

Editor-in-Chief:Mgr. Martin Karlík 

The current Transfer technológií Bulletin is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal focused on various aspects of the transfer of technology and innovation to practical life. The journal is published twice a year, in a  free-of-charge print version of 350 copies and as an online open access journal. In addition to regular sections such as From Abroad, Of Interest, Arts and Technology Transfer, Spin-off, Significant Figures in Technology Transfer, the TTB journal provides its readers with core peer-reviewed articles on technology transfer. It also includes interviews with representatives of start-ups and academia, reports on collaboration between the scientific community and the commercial sector acting even in less-well-known industries and some interesting historical facts. The journal is intended for academics, scientists, staff in technology transfer centres, those involved in start-ups, entrepreneurs and also for students from a variety of disciplines.